Product Design

Design Team

Our in house design team love to make concepts a reality and then take it to the next level. 


Product Design

Product Development


END TO END Process

Starting with an idea we will work through the different steps to reaching the final product. We have a passion for producing beautiful products with quality materials and workmanship.

We specialise in designing products that are handcrafted in Scotland and with the preferred use of sustainable or recycled materials.

If you are unsure of just what materials to use and how it can be made we will always aim to give you the best guidance.

Time Management

The development of great products doesn’t always happen over night. Our team loves a challenge, if you are on a tight timescale with approaching deadlines we will do everything we can to help you meet them.

Consumer Testing

Even when it seems perfect… it’s not! Consumer testing is a big part of our new product developments.


Market Research

Making sure you do your homework! Investing in new product development can be a risk, it’s always best to know as much as you can about your target market.


Amongst our team are graphic designers, master wood workers, blacksmiths and jewellery makers. All based in Scotland.


Dram Too Many – Mini Barrels

Made from Scotch Oak Whisky Barrels  – Beginning as  the simple idea of a barrel shaped pencil holder.

The second stage was to add an additional function. This was achieved by adding a tight sealing lid that turns the barrel into a small container/box.

So now we have a whisky barrel/pencil holder… It looks great and we can imagine engraving all kinds of slogans or messages on them. 

But why stop there? Why not add that little bit more depth! We wanted these barrels to ultimately say Scotland with out engraving “Scotland” on it. Find a way to add some Scottish History below the surface. We chose to embed handcrafted Celtic pewter designs that were replicated from ancient artefacts found in Scotland.


Minimal Design


Additional function


Added Appeal

Let’s Start Something new

Drop us a message and we will get in touch to start discussing your product requirements.