Safety Sgian Dubh Bladeless – Handmade from Oak Scotch Whisky Barrels Black


Scottish Safety Sgian Dubh by Dram Too Many – Forgotten Gifts & Souvenirs

Handcrafted in Scotland by Dram Too Many

The handle is made from reclaimed Oak Scottish Whisky Barrels with Rosewood. Real leather sheath hand stitched
Flexible sheath making it completely safe and travel friendly.
Recommended for:
Best Man gift
Day Wear
Tourist Guides
Unlike other Safety Sgian Dubhs with handles made from plastic or black resin, Dram Too Many Scottish Safety Sgian Dubh is handcrafted in Scotland by Scotsmen from Oak Scotch Whisky Barrels.
The sheath does not separate from the handle and is completely flexible allowing you to demonstrate its a dummy version instantly.
Very practical for travellers and something you can be happy to talk about.
The wooden handle started off as a Sherry Cask or Bourbon Cask and then sent to Scotland where it was used as a Scotch Whisky Barrel.
To be a Scotch Whisky it must mature in the cask for no less than 3 years and 1 day, some ageing for up to 50 years or more!
This barrel was then destined to be fire wood in our wood turners workshop – Some fragrant firewood!
Saved from the fire pit and transformed into beautiful hand crafted Safety Sgian Dubhs for a 4th life!
All our safety sgian dubhs come set in a whisky barrel stave.
All Dram Too Many Scottish Safety Sgian Dubhs are made by hand from natural materials and each one will vary slightly
The new safety Sgian Dubh! Handmade from Scotch Whisky Barrel Oak with a Genuine Leather Sheath. Comes with Unique gift box made from a used Scotch Whisky Barrel Stave for display or to repurpose!